Welcome to Farm.

Farm is a climate investment platform. We make it easy to invest in land restoration, starting in the Great Plains.

What are we doing?

We are leveraging our team’s 15+ years of working with technology & data analytics to enable a community-powered tool for investing in overlooked and undervalued land assets that are being restored to be productive again. Our big bet is that restoring the Great Plains is one of our generation’s greatest opportunities. Read more about this in our memo: The Great Opportunity.

Farm | What we are doing?

Investing together

Motivated communities make an impact. We believe that holds in terms of benefiting our climate & ecosystem. That is why Farm allows you to invite your community to invest alongside you.

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Farm | Invest together

Our investment themes

Farm | Investment Theme

Wind & solar generation projects

The future of energy will be powered by 100% renewable energy. We want to be part of that.

Farm | Investment Theme

Undervalued farmland

We find overlooked land that has long-term soil potential & regenerative properties.

Farm | Investment Theme


Water will become an even more valuable asset over the next several decades. We will invest in irrigation and storage.

Farm | Investment Theme


Our goal is to return to growing native trees & plants on the land to create a healthy ecosystem.

Farm | Investment Theme

Clean crypto

We believe in a decentralized financial future powered by cryptocurrency that has minimal impact on our environment.

Farm | Investment Theme

Carbon sequestration

Healthy land is one of the best tools for removing carbon from our atmosphere.